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Open-File Report
Geologic Report: Standard Oil Product Company Weyerhaeuser #1-22
Broken Bow Uplift, Oklahoma

by M.D. Allison, Consulting Geologist
North Texas Sample Log Service
Gainsville, TX
Final Report
October 17, 1987

Geologic Evaluation; Shows of Oil; Logs Run; Core Intervals; Drill Stem Test; Formation Tops; General Statement; Thin Section Evaluation; Geological Evaluation (Introduction, Sample Study); Geological Sequence Penetrated (Correlation of Ouachita Facies; Correlation of Foreland Facies; Primary Tectonic Stages; Metamorphism; Reservoir and Source Potential); References Cited.
Photomicrographs of Cuttings

Plates Pages 1-17

Plates Pages 18-34

Plates Pages 35-51

Plates Pages 52-66

Plates Pages 67-83

Plates Pages 84-100

Plates Pages 101-117

Plates Pages 118-132

Core Photographs and Photomicrographs
Core #1 12,137-49'

Core #2 12,149-209'

Core #3 14,252-301'

Core #4 17,059-106'

Photomicrographs from Hassie Hunt #1 Neely Well

Photomicrographs from Arbuckle Group Samples

Sample Log– SOPC
Weyerhaeuser #1-22
Sample Log