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Guidebook 1
Pre-Atokan rocks in western part of the Ozark uplift, northeastern Oklahoma, by George G. Huffman. April 1953. 41 pages, 23 figures, 7 graphic measured sections.
Guidebook 2
Desmoinesian rocks of northeastern Oklahoma, by Carl C. Branson, May 1954. 41 pages, 17 figures, 6 maps.
Guidebook 3
Geology of the Arbuckle Mountain region, by William E. Ham. Part 1. Geology of the Arbuckle and Timbered Hills group. Part II. Regional stratigraphy and structure of the Arbuckle Mountain region. April 1955. 61 pages, 21 figures, geologic map, 2 tables. (Plate 1)
Guidebook 4
Geology of the Turner Turnpike, April 1956. 76 pages, 3 figures, serial photograph, road log, geologic profile, strip map.
Guidebook 5
Geology of the Wichita Mountain region, by William E. Ham, Clifford A. Merritt, and E. A. Frederickson. May 1957. 58 pages, 14 figures, geologic map, 1 table.
Guidebook 6
Subsurface stratigraphic names of Oklahoma, by Louise Jordan. 220 pages, 212 figures. 1957; 6th printing, 1987.
Guidebook 7
Guide to Robber's Cave State Park and Camp Tom Hale, Latimer County, Oklahoma, by Dearl T. Russell. December 1958. 23 pages, 12 figures, 2 plates.
Guidebook 8
The Composite Interpretive Method of Logging Drill Cuttings, by John C. Maher. June 1959. 48 pages, 14 figures. 1 plate, 6 tables.
Guidebook 9
Guide to Roman Nose State Park, Blaine County, Oklahoma, by Robert O. Fay. August 1959. 31 pages, 9 figures, 4 plates.
Guidebook 10
Common minerals, rocks, and fossils of Oklahoma, by William E. Ham and Neville M. Curtis, Jr., 1960. 28 pages, 28 figures, 2 tables.
Guidebook 11
Guide to Beavers Bend State Park, by William E. Pitt and others, January 1963. 46 pages, 15 figures.
Guidebook 12
A guide to the State Parks and scenic areas in the Oklahoma Ozarks, by George G. Huffman, Tyson A. Cathey, and James E. Humphrey. March 1963. 95 pages, 56 figures.
Guidebook 13
Well-sample descriptions, Anadarko Basin: Sample descriptions and correlations for wells on a cross section from Berber County, Kansas, to Caddo County, Oklahoma, by W. L. Adkison and Mary G. Sheldon. September 1963. 139 pages, 2 figures, 1 table.
Guidebook 14
The composite interpretive method of logging drill cuttings, second edition, by John C. Maher. December 1964. 48 pages, 14 figures, 1 plate, 6 tables.
Guidebook 15
Guide to Alabaster Cavern and Woodward County, Oklahoma [revised edition], by Arthur J. Myers, Arrell M. Gibson, Bryan P. Glass, and Carol R. Patrick. 38 pages, 41 figures. 1969; 7th printing, 1994.
Guidebook 16
Late Paleozoic Conodonts from the Ouachita and Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma, by Maxim K. Elias, 1966. 30 pages, 2 plates.
Guidebook 17
Regional geology of the Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma, by William E. Ham, with contributions by James H. Stitt, James R. Derby, Robert O. Fay, and A. Allen Graffham. June 1969. 52 pages, 41 figures, 1 plate (geologic map), 1 table. (Figure 16) (Geologic Map)
Guidebook 18
Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary in Northeastern Oklahoma and Northwestern Arkansas, by Patrick K. Sutherland and Walter L. Manger, eds., 1977.
Guidebook 19
Mississippian–Pennsylvanian shelf-to-basin transition, Ozark and Ouachita regions, Oklahoma and Arkansas (Patrick K. Sutherland and Walter L. Manger, eds. 1977.
Guidebook 20
Lower and Middle Pennsylvanian stratigraphy in south-central Oklahoma (Patrick K. Sutherland, editor). GB for field trip no. 2, March 27–28, 1982, Geological Society of America, South-Central Section meeting. 44 pages, 58 figures. 1982.
Guidebook 21
Geology of the eastern Wichita Mountains, southwestern Oklahoma (M. Charles Gilbert and R. Nowell Donovan, editors). GB for field trip no. 1, March 26–28, 1982, Geological Society of America, South-Central Section meeting. 160 pages, 165 figures, 43 tables. 1982; 2nd printing, 1991.
Guidebook 22
Guide to Robbers Cave State Park, by Arthur J. Myers, Dearl T. Russell, George J. Goodman, and Cheryl A. Lawson. 48 pages, 29 figures, 1 plate. 1986. (Plate)
Guidebook 23
Petrology of the Cambrian Wichita Mountains igneous suite (M. Charles Gilbert, editor). GB for field trip no. 7, November 7–9, 1986, Geological Society of America 99th annual meeting. 196 pages, 176 figures, 24 tables. 1986.
Guidebook 24
The Slick Hills of Southwestern Oklahoma-Fragments of an Aulacogen? (R. Nowell Donovan, editor). Guidebook for Field Trip 12, November 7-9, 1986, preceeding the 99th annual national meeting of The Geological Society of America, November 10-13, 1986, San Antonio, TX. 112 pages. 1986.
Guidebook 25
Shelf-to-basin geology and resources of Pennsylvanian strata in the Arkoma basin and frontal Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma (Kenneth S. Johnson, editor). GB for field trip held October 1, 1988. American Institute of Professional Geologists. 25th annual meeting. 105 pages, 67 figures, 3 tables. 1988..
Guidebook 26
Geology of the Arbuckle Mountains along Interstate 35, Carter and Murray Counties, Oklahoma [revised edition], by Robert Oran Fay. Prepared in cooperation with the Ardmore Geological Society. 50 pages, 20 figures, 1 plate. 1989; 2nd printing, 1995. (Plate 1)
Guidebook 27
Early to middle Paleozoic conodont biostratigraphy of the Arbuckle Mountains, southern Oklahoma (Scott M. Ritter, editor). Guidebook prepared for the Pander Society field trip held March 3-4, 1990 preceeding the Geological Society of America, South-Central Section, 24th annual meeting, March 4-6, 1990. 114 pages, 8 plates. 1990.

Guidebook 28
Geology of the Wister State Park area, Le Flore County, Oklahoma, by LeRoy A. Hemish. 28 pages, 32 figures, 1 plate. 1993. (Plate 1)
Guidebook 29
Geology and resources of the eastern frontal belt, Ouachita Mountains and southeastern Arkoma basin, Oklahoma (Neil H. Suneson and LeRoy A. Hemish, editors). GB for field trip held November 15–17, 1994, in Poteau, Oklahoma. 294 pages. 1994.
Guidebook 30
Stratigraphy and resources of the Krebs Group (Desmoinesian), south-central Arkoma basin, Oklahoma, by LeRoy A. Hemish and Neil H. Suneson. GB for field trip held September 13–14, 1997, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Mid-Continent Section meeting. 83 pages. 1997.
Guidebook 31
Geology of the Hartshorne Formation, Arkoma basin, Oklahoma, by Neil H. Suneson. 73 pages, 70 figures, 4 tables, 1 color plate. 1998.
Guidebook 32
Stratigraphy and depositional environments of the sandstones of the Springer Formation and the Primrose Member of the Golf Course Formation in the Ardmore basin, Oklahoma, by LeRoy A. Hemish and Richard D. Andrews. 37 pages, 40 figures. 2001.
Guidebook 33
Stratigraphy and facies relationships of the Hunton Group, northern Arbuckle Mountains and Lawrence uplift, Oklahoma, by Thomas M. Stanley. 73 pages, 54 figures, 4 tables, 1 color plate. 2001. (Plate 1)
Guidebook 34
Stratigraphic and structural evolution of the Ouachita Mountains and Arkoma basin, southeastern Oklahoma and west-central Arkansas: applications to petroleum exploration, by Neil H. Suneson, Ibrahim Çemen, Dennis R. Kerr, Michael T. Roberts, Roger M. Slatt, and Charles G. Stone. 128 pages, 104 figures, 9 tables, 3 plates. 2005. (Plates)
Guidebook 35
Guidebook to the Booch Sandstones: Surface to subsurface correlations, by Neil H. Suneson and Dan T. Boyd. 96 pages, 112 figures. 2008.
Guidebook 36
Stratigraphic analysis of the Permian Chase Group in northeastern Oklahoma—Outcrop analogs of reservoir rocks in the Hugoton embayment of northwestern Oklahoma and Southwestern Kansas, by James R. Chaplin. 2010. 121 pages, 75 figures, 14 tables.
Guidebook 37 Desmoinesian Coal Deposits in part of the Arkoma Basin, Eastern Oklahoma, by Samuel A. Friedman. 1978 (out of sequence). 69 pages.
Guidebook 39 The Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma: Their Story Through Time, by M. Charles Gilbert. 38 pages, figures, tables. 2014.