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Oklahoma Shale Gas and Oil Workshop
November 20, 2013

Jim PUCKETTE, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK Woodford Shale: Correlating Rock Properties in Outcrop and Core with Wireline Log Characteristics (link to Puckette article)

Brian J. CARDOTT, Oklahoma Geological Survey, Norman, OK Overview of Oklahoma Shale Resource Plays

Tim E. RUBLE, Weatherford Laboratories, Houston, TX Keynote Address: Generation, Retention, Recovery: Unconventional Shale Oil from a Geochemist’s Perspective (paper not available)

Walter J. LAMLE, Devon Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK Woodford Exploration in the Anadarko Basin

Craig D. CALDWELL, Cimarex Energy Company, Tulsa, OK Cana Woodford Shale Play, Anadarko Basin: The Effects of Mudrock Lithologies and Mechanical Stratigraphy on Completion and Production

Kevin MORGAN, Phil FOX, John THORKELSON, Madhav M. KULKARNI, Timothy JENSEN, Marathon Oil Corporation Oklahoma City, OK .Data Driven Woodford Shale Risk Characterization

Sam HENDERSON, Merit Energy Company, Dallas, TX Woodford Shale Development in the Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma: Initial Thoughts on Beginning an Infill Drilling Program

Bryan TURNER, Roger M. SLATT, University of Oklahoma, School of Geology and Geophysics, Norman, Chemostratigraphy and its Application to the Woodford Shale

Mark E.  CURTIS, University of Oklahoma, Mewbourne School Petroleum and Geol.l Engineering, Influence of Thermal Maturity on Organic Shale Microstructure





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