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new perspectives on shales, july 28, 2010

Carl H. SONDERGELD Introduction to Workshop

Chandra S. RAI and Carl H. SONDERGELD Rock Typing in Gas Shales

Mike MILLER and Bob CLUFF Gas Shale Evaluation Techniques –Things to Think About

Ray AMBROSE, Robert HARTMAN, Mery DIAZ-CAMPOS, I. Yucel AKKUTLU, and Carl H. SONDERGELD New Pore-scale Considerations for Shale Gas-in-place Calculations

Q. R. PASSEY, K. M. BOHACS, W. L. ESCH, R. KLIMENTIDIS, and S. SINHA From Oil-prone Source Rock to Gas-producing Shale Reservoir – Geologic and Petrophysical Characterization of Shale Gas Reservoirs

Norm WARPINSKI Stimulating Shale Reservoirs –What Have We Learned From Fracture Mapping

Jack BREIG Gas Shale: Adsorbed Component Assessment

Neil L. OLESEN Bakken Oil Resource Play –Williston Basin (US) –Overview and Historical Perspective


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