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The exploration and production of oil and especially natural gas are the driving forces behind the economy of the State of Oklahoma, through both gross production tax revenues and revenues associated with increased employment.

In an effort to assist the industry, the Oklahoma Geological Survey undertakes a variety of petroleum-related geological studies that analyze the factors that affect production in particular reservoir rocks, and presents this information in inexpensive workshops and publications. This work is designed to give operators, especially the smaller ones that predominate in Oklahoma, a broader view of the oil and gas fields that they produce. This can help them to not only find new fields that are analogous to those that they operate, but also show them how to economically improve production in existing fields. 

well and production data

The Oklahoma Geological Survey does not have a database for oil and gas production and well data for the state of Oklahoma.  Public access to these data is provided by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (, although these data are not complete.  The most complete sources of data are available from pay-for-use providers such as Oil Law Records ( and IHS Energy (  Additional information can be found at”