Petroleum & Fluid Extraction & Injection Workshop & Field Trip

The Oklahoma Geological Survey will host a Petroleum & Fluid Extraction & Injection Workshop & Field Trip on November 10-12, 2015, at the Reed Conference Center in Midwest City, Oklahoma.
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History of Nuclear Frac’ing in the US: Have We Learned Anything?

Slideshow presentation given by Neil Suneson at the University of Tulsa on Sept. 23, 2015
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New Open-File Report:
Optimal Oklahoma Fault Orientations Available

Darold, A. P., A. A. Holland (2015) Preliminary Oklahoma Optimal Fault Orientations Oklahoma Geological Survey Open-File Report, OF4-2015.  OF4-2015 PDF Download | Shape File Download | GeoTiff Download  



Statement on Oklahoma Seismicity April 21, 2015

Richard D. Andrews, Associate Director

Dr. Austin Holland, State Seismologist

Preliminary Fault Map of Oklahoma

Open-File Report (OF3-2015)

by Austin A. Holland

OF3-2015 pdf

OF3-2015 Supplement pdf

Shape-file (GIS)

Preliminary fault map compiled from oil and gas industry data and published literature. Most of the faults from the published literature are documented in the supplement to this Open-File Report. This map is compiled from the Oklahoma fault database, which continues to be updated as additional fault information is available. This map is being released in a timely manner and should be considered preliminary. The faults shown here represent one interpretation of all the faults in the Oklahoma fault database being compiled by the OGS. This preliminary version identifies surface and subsurface faults on one map.


OGS Staff Members
Receive Awards, Recognition

Joyce Stiehler, OGS Financial and Payroll Representative, received the Distinguished Performance Award from the Hourly Employees Council at the April Staff Awards Ceremony. Michelle Summers, Technical Project Coordinator, was recognized for 40 years of service, and Paul Smith, Supervisor, OGS Copy Shop, was recognized for 25 years.

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Characterizing Small-Scale Permeability
of the Arbuckle Group, Oklahoma

Open-File Report (OF2-2015)

by B. Chance Morgan and Kyle E. Murray

OF2-2015 pdf

A new OGS Open-File Report that consists primarily of undergraduate thesis research project work completed in 2014 by Morgan, with additions and modifications by Murray so that valuable information about the Arbuckle Group can be documented and made publicly available.


Oklahoma Earthquake Report 2014

OF1-2015 pdf

The newest yearly earthquake report by the OGS seismology team.

Darold, A. P., A. A. Holland, J. K. Morris, and A. R. Gibson (2015), Oklahoma Earthquake Summary Report 2014, Okla. Geol. Surv. Open-File Report OF1-2015 OF1-2015

Appendix B: Large Format Images

Class II Underground Injection Control Well Data for 2010–2013 by
Geologic Zones of Completion, Oklahoma
Open-File Report (OF1-2014)
Kyle E. Murray

OF1-2014 pdf

The newest Open-File Report by OGS Geohydrologist Kyle E. Murray examines control well data for 2010 to 2013 by zones of completion for Oklahoma underground Injection wells. Water management in Oklahoma has become an important issue not only because of recurring droughts and increased water demand, but because large volumes of saltwater are being co-produced with oil and gas and must be properly managed.

Concurrent with higher annual statewide petroleum production is a higher annual statewide co-production of water. The objectives of this research were to compile and summarize water (e.g., brackish or saltwater) injection volumes and wellhead injection pressures for Class II UIC wells in Oklahoma by geologic completion zone, examine spatial and temporal trends for subsurface injection from 2010–2013, and map annual seismic activity from 2010– 2013.

OF1-2014 pdf

Guidebook 38: Igneous and Tectonic History
of the Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen

The Survey's newest publication is a 405-page study of some of Oklahoma's most exciting geology!

OGS Guidebook 38, is the latest release in the OGS publication series.  The publication represents a major effort for the OGS and Dr. Neil Suneson, who edited the volume.  This 405-page book measures 1 in. thick and is printed on high-quality paper in a large format that allows ample room for good-sized color photos and illustrations.   The price of the book is $35.

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The Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma: Their Story Through Time

OGS Guidebook 39

Dr. M. Charles Gilbert's new publication has been released by the Survey as Guidebook 39.  The 44-page book includes many great photographs of the area, GPS locations and stop descriptions for 15 stops, a geologic time scale, an outline of the igneous stratigraphy, a guide to minerals and rocks, simplified stratigraphic column, and an introduction and summary that give readers a thorough background on the geologic history of the mountains and their surroundings.

Dr. Gilbert has spent many years working in the Wichitas and his enthusiasm for them is evident in this publication.  He intended the book to be useful to the general public as well as to beginning geologists, students, and professional geologists.  He also helped in a project, mentioned below, to place new informational signs on hiking trails in the area.  It is a popular spot for recreational use, and this book and the signs are welcome additions for the many visitors that enjoy the area.

Guidebook 39 is available for $10.



fossil day

october 15

More information at:

NFD Website


Download an OGS educational publication about fossils and get more dot-to-dot puzzles by clicking here!




Petrified Wood in Oklahoma by Neil Suneson
Available here


Non-Technical Guidebooks to Oklahoma Geology Available for Download

Seven guidebooks suitable for non-technical use are available for free download at Just scroll down on that page and you will see them listed in yellow boxes as Open-File Reports. The guidebooks are part of the Survey's Open-File Report series and are unedited, author-prepared field-trip guides by OGS Geologist Neil Suneson and others.

These guidebooks were compiled for field trips for various groups and have not been made available on this website before now. The reports cover the Broken Bow uplift, southwestern Ozark uplift, Ardmore basin and Lake Murray State Park, Gulf Coastal Plain in Marshall County, Gypsum Hills, Black Mesa, and the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Osage County.