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Operators continue to rank workshops as their most preferred method of technology transfer but sometimes they are unable to attend. Furthermore, presentation material is not always available to non-attendees. The following highlights of presentations are listed as a quick reference for our workshops.

Email us at ogs@ou.edu for questions regarding these or other workshops. To get on our workshop-notification mailing list, please contact Tammie Creel at tcreel@ou.edu.

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Gas Shales Workshop
October 2008

Brian J.Cardott
Overview of Woodford Gas-Shale Play in Oklahoma, 2008
Rick Andrews
Current Production Trends of the Woodford Shale and Surface to Subsurface Correlations of Overlying and Underlying Formation Boundaries
Stan Paxton
Spectral Gamma-Ray Response of Oklahoma Shales in Outcrop
Dan Jarvie
Geochemical Characteristics of the Devonian Woodford Shale
Bill Grieser
Caney Shale, Oklahoma's Shale Challenge
Camron Miller
Horizontal Well Planning within the Woodford and Other Gas Shales within the Mid-continent, USA
Mike Dix
Using Elemental Chemostratigraphy for High-resolution Correlation and Improved Geosteering in Mid-continent Gas Shales
Mike Mayerhofer
Microseismic Fracture Mapping Results in the Woodford Shale
Michael Party
Woodford Shale, Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma: A Developing Shale Play
John Coates
Shallow Woodford Shale Gas Play in NE Oklahoma
Sam Langford
The Woodford Shale
Horizontal Drilling Workshop
June 18, 2008

Bob Westermark
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Directional Drilling
Chapter 5
Horizontal Drilling
Chapter 6
DOE Horizontal Project
Chapter 7
Avant Expansion


To view the presentation material from the Granite Wash Conference, click on the links below.

Granite Wash Conference
March 6, 2008

G. Randy Keller
The Granite Wash: A Few Thoughts About the Big Picture
Bill Greiser
Granite Wash Overview
John Ringhisen
Granite Wash Casing Profile
Chris A. Talley
Ken Huggins
Improved Permeability Measurement using T2 Bin-Distribution and Bulk Volume Irreducible from NMR Tools
Bob Shelly
What We Can Learn from Granite Wash Fracture Stimulation Pressure Response
Stephen Ingram
Buffalo Wallow Field Study
Chris Stevenson
Buffalo Wallow Field Study: Taking the next Step
Elizabeth Culp
Magnetic Resonance Data Identification of Production in Difficult Carbonate Reservoirs