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Oklahoma Geological Survey

Geologic Map and Sections of the Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma (pdf 34KB)
Oklahoma Geological Survey Circular 91, Plate 1 of 2. Revised by Kenneth S. Johnson, 1990.

GM1. Mineral map of Oklahoma (exclusive of petroleum and natural gas fields), by John H. Warren. 1955 Scale: 1:720,000.

GM2. Map showing ground-water reservoirs of Oklahoma, by S. L. Schoff. November 1955. Scale: 1:750,000. Accompanied by text describing ground-water conditions. (back of map)

GM3. Tectonic map of Oklahoma, by J. Kaspar Arbenz. November 1956. Scale: 1:750,000.

GM4. Geologic map of the Criner Hills area, Oklahoma, by E. A. Frederickson. September 1957. Scale: 1:20,000 (approximate).

GM5. Geologic map and section of pre-Pennsylvanian rocks in Oklahoma, showing surface and subsurface distribution, by Louise Jordan. August 1952. Scale: 1:750,000,

GM6,7. Magnetic and gravity maps of Oklahoma. Set of 2 maps at a scale of 1:750,000, with accomanpying text (15 pages) by Paul L. Lyons, V. L. Jones and Peter Jacobsen. October 1964.

GM6. Vertical-intensity magnetic map of Oklahoma, by V. L. Jones and Paul L. Lyons. October 1964

GM7. Bouguer gravity-anomaly map of Oklahoma, by Paul L. Lyons. October 1964.

GM8. Petroleum-impregnated rocks and asphaltite deposits in Oklahoma, by Louise Jordan. Obtober 1964. Explanatory text, 15 pages. Scale: 1:750,000.

GM9. Geologic map and section of pre-Woodford rocks in Oklahoma, showing surface and subsurface distribution, by Russell S. Tarr, Louise Jordan and T. L. Rowland. June 1965. Scale: 1:750,000.

Maps GM10, 11, 12, 13. Pipelines and oil and gas fields of Oklahoma, 1965.

GM10. Oil and gas fields of Oklahoma, 1965.

GM11. Products pipelines of Oklahoma, 1965.

GM12. Crude-oil pipelines of Oklahoma, 1965.

GM13. Natural gas pipelines of Oklahoma, 1965.

GM14. Geologic maps and stratigraphic cross sections of Silurian strata and Lower Devonian formations in Oklahoma, by Thomas W. Amsden and T. L. Rowland. November 1957. Scales: 1 map 15 1:750,000 and 6 maps at 1 inch = 64 miles, all on one sheet.

GM15. Mineral map of Oklahoma (exclusive of oil and gas fields), by Kenneth S. Johnson. February 1970. In color. Scale: 1:750,000.

GM16. Vertical-intensity magnetic map of McClain and southern Cleveland Counties, central Oklahoma, by John A. E. Norden, John L. Bedwell, Arthur J. Blair, II, Carl B. Kaupp, III, John W. Marchetti, Jr., and J. M Markas. August 1972. Magnetic contours printed in red; contour interval, 10 gammas. Oil and gas fields in green and pink. Scale: 1:643,360 (1 inch = I mile.)

GM17. Maps and description of disturbed and reclaimed surface-mined coal lands in eastern Oklahoma, showing acerage disturbed and reclaimed through June 1973, by Kenneth S. Johnson. August 1974. Three map sheets at a scale of 1:125,000 (1 inch = 2 miles) delineating disturbed lands, mined areas particlly reclaimed, and those fully reclaimed. Accompanying 12-page text. Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Text

GM18. Stereoscopic and mosaic aerial-photograph study of the structure of the central Ouachita Mountains in Oklahoma and Arkansas, by Frank A. Melton. April 1976. One 4-color map sheet, with 3 maps at scales of 1:250,000, 1:125,000, and 1:52,600 each, showing principal structures visible from aerial photographs.

GM19. Earthquake map of Oklahoma, earthquakes shown through 1978, by James E. Lawson, Jr. , Robert L. DuBois, Paul H. Foster, and Kenneth V. Luza. June 1979. Scale: 1:760,000. Accompanying 15-page text on Inventory, detection, and catalog of Oklahoma earthquakes.

GM20. Geologic map of Southwest Davis Zinc Field, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma, compiled by Robert O. Fay. One 4-color map sheet at a scale of 1:7,920, with 16-page explanatory text. 1981. (Text)

GM25. Map of Oklahoma showing localities of reported uranium and radioactivity values, compiled by Matthew W. Totten and Robert O. Fay. August 1982. Scale: 1:750,000. Accompanying 15-page text.

GM27. Geothermal resources and temperature gradients of Oklahoma, (pdf 1,680K) compiled by Kenneth V. Luza, William E. Harrison, George A. Laguros, M. Lynn Prater, and Paul K. Cheung. Scale 1:500,000. Prepared in cooperation with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and U.S. Department of Energy. 1984.

GM28. Map of Oklahoma oil and gas fields, compiled by Margaret R. Burchfield. Color map showing outlines of 3,083 active fields and 35 abandoned fields. List of names and locations of all fields. Scale 1:500,000. 1985; 2nd printing, 1989; revised supplement, 1997.

GM29. Index to subsurface geologic mapping in Oklahoma, 1940–1966 [second edition--plate 1], compiled by Louise Jordan and John F. Roberts. 6 color sheets, scale 1:1,000,000. 1986. (plate 2) (plate 3) (plate 4) (plate 5) (plate 6)

GM29. Index to subsurface geologic mapping in Oklahoma 1961 to 1963.

GM30. A stratigraphic and structural study of the Eram coal and associated strata in eastern Okmulgee County and western Muskogee County, Oklahoma, by LeRoy A. Hemish, assisted by Kenneth N. Beyma. 1 sheet, scale 1:31,680, accompanying text. 1988.

GM32. Radon-potential map of Oklahoma, by James R. Flood, Tom B. Thomas, Neil H. Suneson, and Kenneth V. Luza. 1 sheet, scale 1:750,000. 1990.

GM33. Coal geology of Tulsa, Wagoner, Creek, and Washington Counties, Oklahoma, by LeRoy A. Hemish. 3 sheets (plates 1–5), scale 1:63,360, accompanying text, separate 117-page appendixes. 1990. (plate 2) (plate 3) (plate 4) (plate 5)

GM34. Pre-Woodford subcrop map of the Anadarko basin, western Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle, by Thomas W. Amsden and James E. Barrick. 2 sheets, scale 1:500,000, accompanying text. 1993. (plate 2) (Text)

GM35. Earthquake map of Oklahoma (with text), by James E Lawson, Jr. and Kenneth V. Luza. Earthquakes shown through 1992. One 4-color map sheet intended for use as a guide only to earthquake intensity and epicentral locations. Scale 1:500,000. Explanatory text. inventory , detection, and catalog of Oklahoma earthquakes. 1995. (Text)

GM36. Oklahoma oil and gas fields (distinguished by GOR and conventional gas vs. coalbed methane), by Dan T. Boyd. One 4-color map sheet at a scale of 1:500,000; 128-page explanatory text and 3 tables. 2002. (Text)

GM37. Oklahoma oil and gas fields (distinguished by coalbed methane and field boundaries), by Dan T. Boyd. One 4-color map sheet at a scale of 1:500,000; 128-page explanatory text and 3 tables. 2002. (Text)

GM38. Oklahoma oil and gas fields (by reservoir age), by Dan T. Boyd. One 4-color map sheet at a scale of 1:500,000. 2002.